It’s Time to let Elderly People Play Call of Duty

We tend to have this image of what old people are and what they want, that often involves this like tea, gingham patterns, dog that don’t require too much exercise, pretty standard stuff. Is this the right image though? It may be for some, but that fact is that we’re constantly seeing a new generation of elderly people, who grew up with different needs and ambitions. Combine this with the ever increasing speed at which technology advances and you end up with elderly people who actually want tech to be part of their lives and not just for the under 50s.

7 inch LélikTec® Android Tablet Review

This month, Money Supermarket wanted to find out which cheaper travel gadgets can live up to their more expensive counterparts. They offered bloggers the chance to review these gadgets so they can put together a list of the top budget travel gadgets in time for the summer holidays.
This is their list of cheaper variants of the top 5 most packed holiday tech items below £50:
  • Philips Esee HD CAM295BL Camcorder
  • Kobo Mini eReader
  • ESSENTIALS C7PDVD12 Portable DVD Player
  • 7″ inch LélikTec® Android Tablet
  • SONY Walkman NWZB173 4 GB MP3 Player