Mr & Mrs Family Edition Review

How well do you know your Valentine? Mr & Mrs family edition game will definitely bring you closer to your Valentine! Last weekend, we played with friends and found out that even after being married for eight years sometimes we still don’t know each other that well. Through these questions, we definitely learnt a little more about each other!

mr & mrs family editionThis game is suitable for ages 10 and above for 2 players or more. Inside this game, it comes with:

  • 100 Question cards (pink)
  • 20 Paddle Round questions cards
  • 13 ‘it’s a Match’ question cards
  • 4 Paddle cards (yellow)
  • 2 True & 2 False cards
  • 4 Blank question cards
  • 2 Partner pads
  • Scorecard and score tokens
  • Instructions

mr & mrs family edition cardsIf you have watched the game of All Star Mr & Mrs hit TV show hosted by Philip Schofield, you probably know how the game goes. If not, here’s a quick overview:.

For round 1, use the question cards and ask three questions to each partner. Each write down their answer on the partner pads. Once done, give it to the host to mark your answer.

Round 2 is the paddle round where you each sit/stand back to back and answer six questions from the yellow paddle cards. This is quite fun when especially when trying to blame each other! The questions are based on how honest you are and whether you are able to admit it.

mr & mrs family game true and falseRound 3 is the same as round 1. If the scores are tied after these three rounds, then play the It’s a Match bonus round where you get to play with the true/false cards.

This game does not need to be played with just couple. It can also be played with children and friends. We played this game by splitting the team into siblings and couples. Our children are below 10 years old, so we only ask those questions that is the most relevant to them.

mr & mrs family edition gameThis game is easy to play and we could have played it for hours! It is great fun, not only to know your partner better, but also your friends and their children. I would recommend this game!

Mr & Mrs Family Edition is available from WHSmith and Amazon RRP: £19.99.

Disclosure: We have received the sample to do an honest review.