Topsy And Tim: Dressing up DVD

Topsy And Tim: Dressing up DVD from Abbey Home Media has arrived in all good retailers now and has also been available from Amazon since 16th February 2015! Topsy and Tim are two fun-loving adventurous twins inspired by Jean and Gareth Adamson’s much loved book series published by Ladybird. This is a CBeebies drama for pre-schoolers all about insights into family life from the point of view of 5-year-old twins.

topsy and time dressing up dvd reviewTopsy And Tim fans are in for a real treat as it not only comes with 89 minutes of fun adventure, it also comes with a reward chart and stickers with eight stories.

Each episode is about 11 minutes long from season one of the CBeebies live-action series. They are: New Clothes, Big Box, Twin Twins, The Play, Old Toys, Dressing Up, Growing Sunflowers and Baby Jack.

We had not read the books nor watched the shows before so we didn’t have any preconceptions about it. They both fell in love with it and wanted to watch it all. I think the stories really captures their imagination. At the end of each box, it comes with a recap of the show and asks the children/viewer to guess. I personally love the theme tune as it is quite catchy and I think the show is very well made for young children.

Disclosure: We have received the sample to do an honest review. Contains affiliate link.