Kids Grow Wild Challenge

Both of my children love gardening.  They always want to help me water the plants and pull up weeds.  Now the weather is getting warmer, it is the perfect time to get out into the garden to give it some TLC.  Last year, we planted broad beans directly in the soil but it was eaten by slugs as they began to grow.  This year, I bought a seed tray to help our flowers grow first before we re-plant them.

MoneySupermarket teamed up with +BritMums to offer mummy bloggers the chance to have outdoor fun with their kids and win some great kit for the garden in the process!  I really fancied this challenge, to get the children out in the garden and to teach them the basics of growing a plant.  This is our outdoor adventure.

We received this beautiful garden starter kit to begin our planting.  In this carry bag, it comes with a metal watering can, hand fork, hand trowel, a pair of gardening gloves and three packets of seeds.  Due to the limited designated area of my garden, we planted the Polly Seeds from the Pretty Flower Family.
Project One: On a seed tray with Pretty Flower Family
Firstly, they filled the seed tray with compost about three quarters full.  Then they sprinkled the Pretty Flower Family seeds thinly across the individual seed holes.  Next, they covered it with more soil and watered it.  A plastic cover was placed on top of the seed tray to prevent any unwanted pests.
Project Two: On a small designated garden space with polly pansy
We had a nicely matured garden border and it was hard for me to lose an area for growing.  After re-adjusting the area, the children used the hand fork to fork through the soil and pull up all the weeds.  Once the area is ready, they sprinkled the seeds thinly and covered it with compost.  They finished up by watering the area.
Now we have to wait patiently and let it grow.  Look out for our second part of this post!