Lego King Pig Castle

Angry Bird Red and Mighty Eagle storm into King Pig’s castle to rescue the stolen eggs from King Pig!  They need to stop Chef Pig from putting boiled eggs on the menu.  Mighty Eagle catapults Red to the top of the tower to rescue the eggs before they slide into the cauldron.  This awesome King Pig’s castle is part of the new LEGO Angry Birds collection and is suitable for children aged 6 and above.  It is available from retailers nationwide and Amazon.  For more information visit

lego king pig's castle

King Pig’s Castle features an opening gate, spiral egg chute, spinning tower, collapsible mini-tower and hangar to launch the TNT box with wings. The set includes six eggs, six balloons, cauldron, party table, decorated sign for the eating area, a toilet, King Leonard’s crown and cape, and a Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig.

lego king pig castle spinning tower

lego king pig castle gate

lego king pig castle boulder
lego king pig castle toilet

Red needs to aim at the target zones to collapse the castle’s structures.  The target zones include the Golden Crown Tower with boulder, spinning tower, collapsible tower, boulder and the hangar.  Then knock King Pig off his balcony.  Next, find the eggs at the top of the Golden Crown Tower and rescue them before they slide down the chute into the cauldron.

lego king pig castle golden crown towerNow you can create this fun action scene with a twist from The Angry Birds Movie.  Both my children enjoyed firing the catapult and knocking off the piggies off the tower!  It only took us two hours to fix the set and each tower is very impressive.  This is another high quality LEGO set, with great detail in the small pieces.  Angry Birds game is one of the very first app games we played with the children when they were young.  They all love it and can’t wait for the movie!  With this awesome LEGO set, they can now create fun scenes from the movie!

I have made a video to take you on a tour of this King Pig’s castle, do take a look!

Besides this castle, they also have Piggy Car Escape, Piggy Plane Attack, Bird Island Egg Heist, Pig City Teardown and Piggy Pirate Ship.

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