Monstar The Superhero Review

Monstar The Superhero is a book written by Steve Cole and illustrated by Pete Williamson.  This is the red Early Reader and is the next step on your reading journey.  It was released on 5th June 2014 and published by Orion Books.  This is a second brand-new full colour Early Reader story from DOCTOR WHO scriptwriter and Astrosaurs author, Steve Cole, about Monstar, the green furry monster who wishes she was a superhero!

Monstar the superheroThe book is paperback containing about 64 pages.  The font comes in one consistent size.  It comes with beautiful full colour illustrations.  It is divided into seven chapters.  Each chapter contains a good amount to read by the children.

monstar the superhero bookWe had reviewed the first book a few month ago, which tells the story of how Monstar finds a home.  Jon and Jen wanted to own a pet.  Their parents who are scientists decided to invent a pet for them instead!  So they invent a pet called Monstar who is a green fluffy pet with a brown patch in the shape of a star over one eye.  You can click here to read about it.

This is the second book and now it is about Monstar wanting to be a superhero who will help the town with all its problems. This is a lovely story about Monstar and her adventure.  She did accidentally catch the wrong bad guys but later she did a great job at fighting against three baddies.  She did become a superhero!

Mr K was able to read it well for his age as it uses very simple English with no big words.  The storyline is interesting and easy to understand.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Disclosure: We have received this book to do an honest review.

  • TheBrickCastle

    I like the Monstar books – he’s such a different and interesting character :)

  • over40andamumtoone

    Sounds like another great Early Reader