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Y Volution: Y Fliker Junior J2 Review

Y Fliker is a revolutionary self-propelling scooter by Y Volution for 3 years old to adult!  Who said adults can’t have as much fun as a child!  Y Fliker comes in 6 different cool series: Air, Sport, Base, Carver, Junior and Flow.
This stunning red Y Fliker is the Junior series.  It is ideal as a starter scooter for aged 3 to 5 and with a maximum of weight limit of 20 kg.  There are three available colours: red, pink and blue.
Y Fliker Junior
It come in a slim box and requires simple assembly.  It only took me less than 10 minutes from unboxing to having it fully assembled.  The handlebar comes with soft rubber grips and the frame is made from steel tubing.  All three puncture proof action caster wheels are made from PVC.  It comes with wide anti-slip printed footplate for those little feet.  The whole frame is very well made with good quality steel.  The downside is that the height of the vertical T bar doesn’t adjust.
Y Volution: Y Fliker Junior J2 Review
Using this scooter is quite different to the traditional single footplate scooter that the children already have but both of them (aged 6 and 4 and weigh under 20 kg) were able to get the hang of it within minutes of use. They are able to wiggle from left to right to move forward quickly.  Steering the Y Fliker is very smooth and with multi-directional movement on level ground.  They did find it hard to wiggle and would sometimes trip on uneven ground or up the hill.  This maybe something to try when they are experts at it.
Overall, this is quite new and fun for our children.  This is great for their motor skills and of course, is great exercise with so much body wiggling and twisting!  The RRP is £39.99 which is great value especially as it is very well made.
This is our video:

Disclosure: We have received the product to do an honest review.
  • Laura Close

    Interesting product – I’ve seen a few around and wondered how they would do. D has just got a Microscooter and I was shocked at just how quickly he worked out how to use it.

  • fritha strickland

    Wow this looks amazing, I think Tom would love it as much as Wilf! X

  • Emily

    They’re great aren’t they?! I want to have a go on JD’s – need to get myself a helmet :)

  • Fiona Martin

    These look fun, not seen them before but a great way to exercise!

  • Jen Walshaw

    My boys would love one of these

  • Wild & Grizzly

    OOh I’ve seen these down our local park they look like so much fun!

  • Louisa

    I wouldn’t mind a go myself. Looks like just the ticket to tone my waist!

  • Anna

    This looks really different and cool, I hadn’t seen them before seeing them on your blog and twitter!

  • AnnieMammasaurus

    Ooo I’ve not seen these yet. Mine took ages to get used to normal scooters, I mean weeks o this might blow their minds! x

  • Kirsty Hornblow

    These look fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  • mummyoftwo

    I have seen quite a few children with these – they do look fun but some are quite big!