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2013 Year Photo Book by Albelli

Hope you have all enter my blog competition to win 1 of 3 Albelli’s pre-designed photo books worth £34.90 plus p&p!  If not, enter here before 12 January 2014.
Albelli have created a number of pre-designed photo books to suit all occasions, with styles like country retreat, vintage, native etc and occasions like wedding, baby, children etc.  They bring together professionally designed backgrounds, text labels and clip art in coordinated styles.  All pre-designed photo books include a photo cover and are printed in the Landscape L format (28 cm x 21cm).
This is a link to their photo book quick guide if you wish to know how to create your own.  I have simply used their pre-designed photo books instead of making my own.  There are so many designs to choose from.  I decided to make a year book for my nephews.  We have not had chance to meet them yet so this photo book will remind our children that those cute babies are their cousins.  It is always hard when your family are many time zones away from you.
How to create your Photo Book:
1. Pick the pre-designed theme
I went for the MY LITTLE BOY theme.  It also mentions that it contains 24 pages and any extra pages cost £0.65.  Once I clicked it, it opens another tab.
2. Select extra options
Like add a photo cover for £4.95 and/or have the book lay flat when open with the lay flat premium for £0.25 per page.  Personally, I just went for the photo cover.  It makes such a difference and looks stunning.
3. Filling Method
You can choose either auto or manual.  I chose to do it manually so I could insert each photo in the order that I wanted.
4. Import photos
Click onto the import photo to upload it straight from your computer.  It can be any images, for example, my sister made a comic strip about our nephews as one image which I included.
5. Once all the photos are imported, you can start filling the pages with the photos and your words.  Everything is very straightforward from inserting your text to filling in your photos.  Also I moved some of the cartoon characters around by shrinking or enlarging them.  If any photo is below the required resolution, it will have a yellow ! mark to tell you to change it or make it smaller, which you can see in this photo.  It didn’t turn out too badly.  It is just slightly pixelated on the photo book.
It did take me an hour to fill in the whole book with photos and wording as I was fussing about quite a bit, but you can also save your progress and complete it at a later time.  I ordered the photo book over the New Year period but it didn’t take long to arrive.  As they promised in their email, it will arrive in 5 days time, which it did!
It came in a hard cardboard box that fit through my letterbox.  I am impressed with the photo cover quality, which turned out really well on the glossy hardback cover.  Each of the pages are made from good quality thick paper.  It gives you a very nice feel when you flip through the pages.  The colour quality is excellent too.  Next time, I would be more adventurous by making my own designed photo book!  It does not look too difficult to make one.
Albelli is giving all their new customers a big saving of £15 off on their first photo book by entering the promotion code GIFT at checkout.
Disclosure: We have received a free code to make this book to do an honest review.
  • mummyoftwo

    That looks lovely. I always find they take me a while to make too as I want to get them just right!