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Our highlights of the year

Reflecting on the year, we have been quite busy with a lot of outdoor activities like skating, climbing, visiting the zoo, Legoland etc and not forgetting Ms C starting Reception and Mr K in BBC1 Doctors.
I would like to thank Pyrex for generously working with my blog by letting me co-host the Twitter party and the national baking week competition.  Read about my simple recipes using Pyrex cookware.
I was very fortunate to be chosen by ComeRound to host a series of parties for Gallo Moscato Wine, Philips Lumea Precision and recently Philips ironing party!  I also won a party pack to host a Metal Gear Rising party too!
I would love to thank SpinMaster for sending us a Futterbye flying fairy for review!  I was really chuffed as it has 44k hits on my YouTube channel at the time of writing!  This is amazing!  I have never had so many views before!
Beko have kindly sent us their new washer and dryer for review.  We’ve been really pleased with hows it’s made our lives easier with it’s latest technology and large capacity.
And last but not least, the Bloggers Night In.  After chatting for more than a year, we have finally met one another.  I hope this friendship will never end and we can build an even stronger and supportive network.
  • Heather Choccieluvva Cain

    Lucky you being involved with Pyrex as I have been trying for ages to win some goodies

  • over40andamumtoone

    What a busy year you’ve had, an our Bloggers Night In was an early Christmas present for us all x

  • mummyoftwo

    What a busy year! Don’t worry – now we have met there is no getting rid of us!

  • Fiona Martin

    What a year! Well done you, lots of lovely fun days out, great things to review and us lot meeting up! A great year!

  • Kel

    Here’s to the bloggers night in 2014. Glad you have had a lovely year!

  • spicers1976

    You’ve had a great year, here’s to a great 2014 too

  • Zoe Lester

    Lots of lovely and fantastic opportunities for you there! Heres to 2014 opportunities :)
    Bloggers night in was fantastic and thanks for hosting :)