The Trash Pack Series 5 has landed in UK!

Trashies in Toilets!  If your children is a collector of trash pack, you may know that this new series 5 the dustbins have been replaced with nauseating yellow toilets.  There are over 100 new characters to collect and trade, kids will have endless amounts of filthy fun.
Each disgusting character is hidden inside the yellow plastic toilets!  The characters are very well made, soft rubbery and colourful.  They are suitable for 4 years and above.
Now Mr K has added to his collection from series 4!  Mr K likes to get them all out to play with them at the same time.
Disclosure: We have received the products to do an honest review.
  • mummyoftwo

    My son keeps telling me about these!

  • spicers1976

    thankfully 6yo isn’t into these…….yet