Light Switch Timer for Switching on Lights

The dark autumnal nights are upon us.  Whenever we go on holiday, we try to use a light switch timer with a table lamp and position it in the middle of the room.  It is not always ideal as it is not bright enough to let people know that we are “at home”.  Also we can’t put it in the hallway as it will look very weird.  Luckily, we received this Light Switch Time just before our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.
What is a Light Switch Timer?
It is a timer for the wall light switch that does not need wiring!  The light switch timer allows you to turn your lights on and off according to the programmable settings whilst you are away from home.  I find it very handy as I can light up the hallway without using a table lamp.
It is very simple to install as you only require a flat screw driver and 2 AA batteries (not included).  Try to install this during the day as it will be easier to see.  Firstly, make sure all the lights/mains are off, then half unscrew the switch plate.  Slot in the cradle behind the light switch and re-tighten the screws.  Turn the mains power back on.
Insert 2 AA batteries into the timer unit and set your program, which is straightforward to do.  It uses a 7 day digital timer and has 9 programs per day.  There are 3 modes: random, pre-programmed and manual.  The LCD display has large easy to read numbers with a temperature reading.  The buttons are phosphorescent which makes them easier to see at night.  Next, install the control wheels into the right slot.  The pack comes with 2 wheels.  You can fit the timer on up to triple gang switches but you are only able to operate one or two switches at a time.  Insert the unit into the cradle.
How does it work?
Basically, the wheel rolls up and down and pushes the light switch upwards or downwards.  It does make a mild noise when the wheel moves.
Why choose this? 
There are a few similar products on the market like Timeguard ZV700, T40S-C and automatic Dusk to Timed off Lamp holder.  The first two requires wiring and you are unable to remove it when you do not need it.  With the Lamp Holder, you are unable to set specific times and it only takes certain low energy bulbs.  This timer does not require wiring and you are able to program your own times and use your existing light bulbs.  It does have its limitation though – it can only be used on standard type light switches.  It cannot be used with flat profile, flush or larger size switch plates.
The product is being officially launched this weekend at the Gadget Show Live between 1st to 3rd November.  I am so fortunate to try them out now!  They are selling at a special launch price of £27.99 online.  If you buy 2, you can save an additional 10% and get free postage with code:  Lights-on.  The code expires on 18th November 2013.  It is a great little gadget!
Disclosure: We have received the product to do an honest review. We are a member of fuelmyblog.
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    We have this to try – want to set it up before we go away next week

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