STABILO Early Writers Packs

Both of my children have started their Reception and Year 1.  As a parent, I feel that it is very important that both children are able to develop their fine motor skills by getting them the right stationery to assist their writing.  I am always very worried for Ms C as she grips her pens and pencils in an unusual way.  She is unable to hold a pen like a tripod.  In fact, she is gripping the pencil in between her middle finger and ring finger.  It does look very odd.
STABILO Early Writers is a bumper package of resources to help parents to support young children with their early writing skills.  It is free to download from their website.
We were sent four different types of writing stationery:
1. Woody 3 in 1
This is great for children who love drawing and experimenting.  It has XXL lead as thick as 8 standard coloured pencils.  It is a coloured pencil, watercolor and wax crayon all in one and comes with 18 rich colours.  It also writes on smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, leather etc.  I love how easy this is to use to draw, write and colour with ease. The only problem is to find a big sharpener to fit into it.
2. EASYgraph
The first ergonomic graphite pencil especially for left and right handers.  The triangular design and unique non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture.  Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means that the children will be promoted to hold the pencil in the correct way right till the time the pencil is finished.
Yellow or red colour coding at the end of the pencil indicates left and right-handed versions.  Both of my children are right handers and they both got a red top.  Each pencil has a name tag.
3. Trio thick
These are for young children who do a lot of colouring in.  The wooden coloured pencil is an ergonomic, child-oriented triangular design.  It comes with 18 brilliant colours ­ available individually and in sets of 12 or more colours.
4. Trio Scribbi
These are for little artists who want to get to grips with a pen for the first time.  The pen is almost indestructible thanks to its push-resistant thick tip.  This is more like a marker pen and the triangular design helps children get a secure, ergonomic grip.  It comes with 12 super-washable colours for problem-free cleaning of hands and clothes.  The colour is very vibrant and very smooth to colour with.
5. EASYoriginal
It is an ergonomically designed rollerball especially designed for left- and right-handers. The grip zone is made from non-slip material.  Every refill has a new tip.  It is extremely easy to refill with no mess.  It come with larger cap protects the tip better and is less likely to be lost.  I like how easy and comfortable to hold and it doesn’t blot or scratch.  It also come with a space for a name tag.
Overall, we all loved the STABILO range as their products are very children friendly and great quality.  I would highly recommend to buy them.
Disclosure: We have received the products to do an honest review.
  • Julie Jingle Baxter

    looks great

  • mummyoftwo

    I love the STABILO range they have been helping my son with his grip too