Iron Man #CarpetArt

Not long ago, MoreThan had teamed up with award-winning artist Ed Chapman to create the world’s first-ever ‘ruined carpet art’.  It is a fifteen-foot sized piece using living room carpet as a canvas and created out of the most common household stains.
As Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory was voted the greatest British sporting achievement of 2013, the carpet artwork depicts the moment Murray lifted the Wimbledon trophy.  Ed recreated using the materials include red wine, beer, coffee, dirty radiator water, soot, mud, iron burn marks and other.
MoreThan also set up a Carpet Art challenge for ordinary people like me to enter!  I did ask my son what would he like to decorate this carpet with and he wanted Iron Man.  So I printed out an image of Iron Man and asked Mr C to draw the outline.
Mr K coloured the eyes blue with paint.  Then Ms C used a new cherry lipstick to colour the forehead.  Using a sparkly yellow paint, we coloured it’s face and we outlined it’s face with red paint.  Later, we mixed coffee and dabbed it all over to create the background of the Iron Man!  Hope you like it!
Disclosure: We have received a carpet art pack to do this challenge.
  • Julie Jingle Baxter

    looks great :)

  • Sofia Smol

    Cute! Children’s creativity has no limits…

  • Julie Perry

    Looks great fun….good job too :)

  • mummyoftwo

    That looks fab! If I let mine decorate a piece of carpet they would probably think they could do it everywhere though!