Battroborg Vs Battroborg Knockout

Battroborg is a new robot innovation technology.  It is a fast-paced, motion controlled fight!  This is a unisex game that is suitable for boys and girls, young and old.  It is definitely popular at our house as we all love a good fight!  It is suitable for 6 years old and above.
The set comes with 2 robots, 2 controllers, 4 robot drones and a huge arena with posts and ropes.  The posts are very simple to clip onto the arena.  The ropes can be stretched according to the modes you wish to play in.
Each micro battling robot is control by a wireless controller.  Each wireless controller takes 4 AA battery (not included).  The controller is quite light and easy to hold except that I felt the connecting cable is a bit too short.  Both children played so vigorously and I am afraid that they will rip it apart.  It will take 20 minutes to charge each robot via the controller.  It will turn red once it is fully charged.  Pairing the robots is straightforward.  All sound effects come through the controller.
The micro battling robot is highly detailed and lasts approximately 20 minutes before the next charge.  Both children are so eager to fight but got quite upset when their robot gets KO’ed.  It only take five hits to the helmet to end each battle.  Each robot come with an LED light on which changes colour each time the robot gets punched.
Each robot starts with green colour to start with:
Green – No damage
Blue – 1st damage point
White – 2nd damage point
Yellow – 3rd damage point
Red – 4th damage point
Flashing red – 5th damage point (knock out)
To restart the game, simply press the robot’s mask for two seconds.  The helmet is very sensitive – if accidentally touched, it will take a damage point off.  So be careful how you pick up your robot.
This game can be played on a table or on the floor.  It comes with a large arena that will requires plenty of space.
Overall, this is a fun and quick easy game.  The wireless controllers’ signal works well and we have not had any problems with it.  It is simple to control the robot except trying to turn them might prove tricky!  You are supposed to shake your left controller lightly, but we found it easier to just turn them by hand.
This toy is going to be one of the top Christmas toys for older children especially those who love robots. There are eight more robots to collect and you can find out more from TOMY webpage and The Battroborg YouTube channel.
Please watch our video here:

Disclosure: We have received this toy to do an honest review.
  • Lucy Zelazowski

    I’m looking for Christmas presents this looks great fun.

  • Anna

    this looks so cool!

  • TheBrickCastle

    That looks great. Love the video, as do my boys! I can see why they’ll be popular…. :)

  • Paul Wilson

    Used to love this type of game as a kid.

  • mummyoftwo

    These look like great fun