Horrid Henry Royal Riot Review

Horrid Henry’s Royal Riot is a book written by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross.  The book is suitable for ‘Early Readers’.  Blue Early Readers are perfect for sharing and reading together.  This is a red Early Reader which is the next step on your reading journey.  It will be released on 26th September 2013 and published by Orion Publishing.
The book is hardback containing about 208 pages with four favourite Horrid Henry’s stories.  The font is a good reading size, simple words and easy to read by school children.  Each page contains lots of great illustrations and are packed full of actions.
1. Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter
This story has six chapters and was first published on 1 June 2011.  It tells of the time when Henry was banned from watching television until he finished writing up all his thank you letters.  While he had written them, he came up with some horrid ideas.  Instead of a thank you for the present, he wrote rude letters instead and then he started a Thank You Letter writing service to sell to his friends.
This story is very interesting, a little mischievous and cleverly written about human nature.
2. Horrid Henry’s Meets the Queen
This story has seven chapters and was first published in 2004.  It is about Henry wanting to meet the Queen to ask her how many TVs she had.  He tried his best to get as close to the Queen to pop the question but in the end, he managed to splat his teachers and the Queen with mud.
This story has taught Mr K the difference between a bow and a curtsey.  It is a great chance to explain to Mr K how to behave in front of the Queen.  First, you bow for a boy (curtsey for a girl), present the Queen a bouquet of flowers, answer her question (if any) and walk away.
3. Moody Margaret’s School
This story has six chapters and was first published in 2011.  Henry and Peter were sent to their next door neighbour,  Margaret’s house, as his mum had important work to do.  He wanted to go back home to watch TV.  So he had an idea to get him sent home by pretending Margaret was unwell.  Of course, he got his wish and went home.
This is another delightfully clever idea that Henry thought of.
4. Horrid Henry’s Sport Day
This story has seven chapters and was first published in July 2012.  Henry hates sports day and he had never won any awards before.  This time around he made sure he won something and thought up some truly horrid tricks to play on everyone else.  For example, Peter was supposed to bring hard boiled eggs for the egg and spoon race but Henry swapped them for raw eggs.  Predictably, when Peter was doing the egg and spoon race, he fell and smashed the egg.  So did everyone else and Peter was sent to the office.  Later, Henry had the idea of dropping sweets during the cross-country run in the hope that it would slow down his competitors.  He got his wish and won the trophy!
This is a fabulous, fun to read and exciting story!  I love the interesting tricks that Henry dreamt up.
I do find this book is a bit too difficult for my 5 year old son to read at the moment.  He is delighted for me to read to him though.  Overall, this is a fun and interesting Horrid Henry and we love it!


Disclosure: We have received this book to do an honest review.
  • http://yummymummyflabbytummy.blogspot.com/ LauraCYMFT

    Z loves reading Horrid Henry books. He has the reading books as opposed to these but these look fab for early readers!

  • mummyoftwo

    I do like the early reader books – will have to keep a lookout for this one, E would love it!

  • Anna

    this sounds good, we havent tried any horrid henry stories yet! but they sound funny