Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

My son and I both suffer badly from hayfever. I always blamed it on the weather but in fact, our bedding is also one of the culprits.  I was so shocked when I read this infographic.  I had never paid attention to my bedding and now I know I should invest in anti-allergy bedding.

Courtesy of The Bedding Company. The Bedding Company manufacture and supply premium pillows, duvets, mattress covers, protectors and bed linen at prices which won’t leave you losing sleep at night!
Disclosure: This is associated with The Bedding Company.
  • Lowri Tegan Earith

    blurgh!! How vile!!

  • PamGregory

    Yuk! Will head this advise!

  • haxell

    I always leave the beds turned back all day to air having read something similar some years ago! Yuck! Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Samantha Ripley

    ewww! but great info