Baking with OXO Good Grips

This week is Ms C’s last week of reception adaptation where she finished at mid day.  After fetching her home, we decided to bake fairy cakes for a snack.
Firstly, I had used the OXO GoodGrips 3-in-1 egg separator on my large thick rimmed  mixing bowl.  It rests nicely on the edge of the bowl.  I also tried a couple of smaller sizes of mixing bowls but they didn’t fit so nicely.  The non-slip underside fits most thin and thick rimmed bowls and stand mixers but in my experience it is more suited for bigger mixing bowls.
Crack it on the cracking edge and it breaks the egg shells nicely.  I find this kitchen gadget very useful as I always struggle to separate an egg using the shells.  The egg separator catches the yolk without breaking it.  Pouring the yolk into a separate bowl is so simple and hassle free.
I then whipped the egg whites until it became foam. The rest of the ingredients flour, sugar, butter and the yolk were added into the mixing bowl by folding it.  Ms C then used the OXO GoodGrips mini measuring beakers to pour in the milk.
These measuring beakers are great for measuring small amounts of liquids such as food colouring, extracts, lemon juice and more.  They are nested for compact storage.  The smallest is the yellow colour which holds 5 ml/1 teaspoon, the blue beaker holds 15 ml/ 1 tablespoon, the green holds 30 ml/ 1 oz and the largest red holds 60 ml / 2 oz.  The words are in red and clear to read.  The base of the beakers are rubbery and the tops are funnel-shaped for easy filling and pouring.  Ms C love them as they are so colourful and easy to hold by her small fingers.
I find that both items are easy to clean and use.  They are BPA free.  I love these two little kitchen gadgets as they are so useful for day to day baking!  I would highly recommend the egg separator if you have someone who hates to eat the yolk, like Mr K!  This would be especially useful for baking meringue.
Once the mixture is done, I popped them in the oven for 12 minutes and that is our fairy cakes.  We finished it within minutes as it was so yummy that we forgot to save any for Mr K.  Luckily, he was not back until late!
Disclosure: We have received these products to do an honest review.
  • Sarah Wyatt

    Stylish products and look like they are really useful. I’m cooking much more now that I have a little one and I’m enjoying learning as I go along but time savers are always nice!

  • mummyoftwo

    Those look like great gadgets, particularly when baking with kids!