Last Nursery Sports Day for Ms C

Sadly, my little girl is no longer little.  She is going to Reception this September and yesterday was her last Sports day in preschool.  This was my first time attending sports day with her.
Each of the children are given a card to collect stamps/stickers to complete the race.  Each were awarded with a medal, mini certificate and a packet of Haribo sweets.
The 5 stations are:
Wheelbarrow race
Bucket race
Egg and Spoon race
Welly Throwing
Beat the Goalie
Ms C started off racing the wheelbarrow where she had to pick up the hat, put it on, run and pick up the bear.  Next she had to pop the bear inside the wheelbarrow and race around the track and back to the starting point.
Station 2 was the bucket race where they each hold a filled water bucket and run up and down the track.  They were trying to balance themselves and run at the same time.  Not very easy.  One of the children threw the bucket at the rest of the children after running back to the starting point.  It was funny but indeed he is a naughty little chap.  Luckily, the bucket was only small.  Not many people get wet.
Station 3 was probably the most common race – the egg and spoon.  Ms C managed to cheat by using a scoop instead of a spoon and didn’t drop the egg!
Station 4 was the welly throwing.  Ms C picked up the smallest welly and practised her throw.  Summoning all her strength, she managed to land the welly a metre away!
Station 5 was the beat the goalie.  Ms C is not good at her kicking and didn’t manage to score any balls into the nets even though she tried six times.
She had such an enjoyable day having fun with her friends and I too enjoyed seeing how much she has achieved in a year.  I am very proud of my little princess.
  • Annie Costa

    Its not the winning its the taking part!(But winning is just as fun too…)

  • The_ultimate_Truth

    Aww, the main thing is that she had lots of fun, even if she didn’t score any goals. :)

  • ashleigh allan

    looks lots of fun!

  • Red Rose Mummy

    Ahh, how sweet, it’s lovely to record these memories for the future.

  • Kim Carberry

    Aww! Lots of fun!!
    Well done…Sounds like she did really well x